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Comprehensive Dental Services

General, Cosmetic, and Restorative Care

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Preventative Dentistry
Preventative Dentistry is focused on maintaining the health of your teeth. At Ayad Dental, not only will we clean your teeth, we will send you home with the products and tips needed to ensure a healthy smile!
Night/Mouth Guards

Whether you need a night guard to help you sleep or a mouth guard for protection we will take an impression of your teeth and have one made specifically for you.

Periodontal Care

It is important that one takes care of their gums. Mistreatment of one’s gums can lead to many different infections most notably gingivitis and periodontitis. If treated properly these problems can be prevented. If the issue is left without treatment, there is a possibility that the infection may affect a several number of teeth, resulting in tooth loss. We may schedule you for check-ups with a dentist and if procedure is needed with an on-site Periodontist.

Endodontic Care

Also known as a Root Canal- which is needed due to a heavy infection or damage to the pulp. A damaged pulp is the result of an untreated cavity or constant restorative work such as several fillings. The dentist will ensure that any issues or infections to the tooth are cleared out. After the root is closed a temporary filling will be placed until a permanent filling or crown is put into place.

Restorative Dentistry
Restorative dentistry is the practice of diagnosing, preventing and treating oral disease. Our dentists will ensure the health of your teeth, having you looking and feeling great!
Zoom! Whitening

There is nothing better than a bright beautiful white smile! Unfortunately over time there are many tempting factors that will cause our teeth to darken. There are many different means of whitening but one of the easiest and most recent procedures is Zoom! Whitening. It is a very short pain-free procedure that can whiten your teeth up to eight shades in no more than an hour!


At Ayad Dental we have two certified Dental Hygienists. Dental Hygiene is a preventative measure that includes teeth cleaning and scaling, root planning, fluoride treatment and polishing treatment. Aside from cleaning your teeth, our hygienists will educate you in optimal practices to ensure the health of your teeth.

Senior Care

The oral cavity is the gateway to examine a persons overall health. We will diagnose, prevent and/or treat specific age-related maladies and ensure you with a healthy, happy smile!

Whether at home, asleep, or in traffic, you may be grinding your teeth without even knowing! In the long term, aside from damage to your teeth, bruxism can lead to headaches, jaw and neck pain, earaches and disruption to your sleep patterns.
Implant Restoration

If you are having issues with your implants, we will service and maintain your implants to ensure that no problems arise. 

It is essential that you come in as soon as you notice any difficulties with an implant as neglecting it can lead to further issues. 


Dentures are prosthetic teeth and gums made to replace missing or decaying teeth. We can construct either a partial denture to replace a troubled area or a full denture.

Pediatric Care

Pediatric dental care is essential to the growth of your child. We work to prevent the need of orthodontic care in the future and educate the parents in the best practices in dental care for children. 

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